Dream High!

                      I enjoy watching Korean TV show. “Dream high” is one of my favorite TV shows which is still on air. The story is about the high school students who have a dream to be a superstar. To be a superstar, they should do well in singing, dancing, composing and having good appearance. They compete with one another to debut. They strive to survive in this competition. Somtimes, their friendship is broken but they finally start to understand and encourage each other. They feel not only their dreams but also their friendship and family love are important.

                       The interesting point is that the actors and actresses of the show are real famous Korea superstars. The drama looks more real because the actors do not just act but perform their true life.  It helps the viewers understand how the superstar is made and what  thier lives are. Most people are inclined to look at just superstar’s gorgeous lives however we can see the other side by this TV show. Also, the real popular musician and opera singer show up, as a  cameo. This makes the show really cool.

                      The reason why I like this show is that this show gives people some messages. First, “Dream high” encourages people not to give up their dream and make an effort to accomplish it. In addition, it tells us that family and friendship are precious as much as their dream.  Secondly, “Dream high” is connected with social context. TV shows always treat the most interesting issue today. I realize that many young people are eager to ba a superstar, especially Asian people.

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