My Jazz world


 In this spring semester, I am taking Music33, Jazz class. The students who are taking this class should go to Jazz concerts which are held at Santa Monica College, at least 4 times. Even though the cost of the Jazz concerts is not cheap, experiencing the new genre of music is always exciting. Last week, I went to the Bob Sheppard’s Jazz concert which was held at the Performing Art Center. It was my first time to go to Jazz concert. Actually, I was not interested in Jazz music and I did not have opportunites to listen Jazz music. I have a bias against Jass, however Jazz is not heavy as much as I thought, rather  it is simple and easy. The Jazz music of the concert was like Jazz bar music that we can hear in the movie or drama.

            I believe that music is also a media. Every music has message which the writer wants to tell us about. The musicians try to deliver their messages through direct or indirect ways. If the message is explicit like lyric, people are able to understand what the writer wants to say.  However, even though the message is not clear, you could find out soon by the mood of the song. Of course, Jazz also has messege which is related with the history. As you know, Jazz music originated from black people. At first, most black people who lived in America were slaves. They needed a worksong because Africans usually sang a worksong to work efficiently. They also made Jazz music because they were disappointed  with their   reality, like Blues.  If you listen Jazz carefully, you could fell the black people’s emotion at that time. I should go to Jazz concert tonight, again! I expect that what kind of messages are waiting for me, tonight! Through out the whole semester, Jazz will give me the messages which help me understand the story at that time.

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