2011 Disaster in Japan

      Last Friday, afternoon, Japan was hit by the tremendous disaster. The first disaster started with ferocious tsunami which was spawned by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in the east coast. When I heard about the news, I did not take it serious because an earthquake is not big issue in Japan. Not only that, Japan always prepares for an earthquake well and people have regular drills for it. Therefore I thought that the damage of the tsunami would be minimum. In addition, the Japanese Government announced that the victims of the tsunami were just over the hundred. I believed that my guess was exactly correct until the next news which was really shocking came out. A couple of days later, the Japan recognized that more than 1000 people were dead and more than 10,000 people were missing. The worse news was the nuclear power plants were melt down and the radioactive substances were exposed to some people who lived near the area. They are still striving to cool down the rest of nuclear power plants which have a chance to explode.

                  The interesting thing I found was that people all around the world are not worried about Japan as much as Indonesia or Haiti which had been serious damages from the earthquake. People believe that Japan is albe to  handle and overcome this disaster because Japan is one of the strongest economic countries and Japanese are known for having a strong mentality. It is true, however, we should help Japan with a whole heart. As a student, we can donate a little money to NGOs which help Japan directly or hold a donation campaign in the campus or comfort Japanese friends. As Japanese showed their concerns to other countries which had gone through many disasters, we should help and aid them right now!

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