Privacy Concerns of Smartphone

                    It is deniable that smartphone makes our lives convenient in many ways. Smartphone is used not only to contact others but also to receive, process, store, and send information. In addition, there are thousands of applications which help us solve out the problems anywhere and anytime.

                   Even though the smartphone makes our lives better, the privacy concerns exist. The security threat may be more extensive as smartphone users increasingly resort to the gadget to handle their everyday affairs including e-mails, Internet browsing, TV watching, stock trading and financial transactions. Of course, if you lost your samartphone or someone got your smartphone for hacking intentionally, your private information would not safe. The worse case is that you do not notice someone stole your private information already.

The most common privacy concern of the smartphone is flowing out the information through applications, malwares(malicious software), hacking, and phishing. For example, in South Korea, the risk was highlighted in April, when the first malignant code was founded in smartphones used to snatch the users’ financial information. Experts said poor security systems provided by banks to simplify the banking process made the hacking possible.

Some people said that customers do not worry about it as long as they stay cautious in downloading files, however it cannot work out only by customers’ efforts. The users should keep away from suspicious files and the smartphone company should try to make more safe security system and censor system to find out malwares.

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