DMV, Lazy or other reason?

Last December, I was so excited that I got the driver’s license. I hoped to have driver’s license card as soon as possible. Actually, however, I did not get the plastic card until now! My first temporary driver license was expired March 9th. After mine was expired, I went to DMV to renew the license. I asked them why it took so long to get my plastic card. Their answer was so simple, “just wait!” I decided to wait but last week I got mail from the DMV that I should come once more and take a new photo. I really want to know why they work processing is so late! It is because the DMV workers are so lazy? or other reasons? Some people say that the government layoff DMV workers. I believe that the government should make DMV work processing better for customers’ convenience. I cannot imagine this kind of inconvenient government service in my country.

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