Viewing Rates, Maximizing profits!

I was wondering why TV shows competed each others to raise the viewing rates. In general, TV viewers do not pay for how many TV shows they watched, rather they pay for just montly fees. Then, how the viewing rates is related to making a profit? We already knows that TV channels maximize their profits by commercials. For example, companies pay several million  dollars to advertise their products and it works so that the companies also make profits. I thought companies’ products can be advertised only when their commercial which is between TV shows came out. It is, however, more than that. During the TV shows, the products are advertised indirectly. For instant, when the actor uses his phone to make a call, camera shot focuses on his phone which is Verizon and LG smart phone. As many as people watch this scene, the products are inclined to be sold out. Therefore, even though the advertising cost is so expansive, companies try to advertise their products in the TV shows. This is reason why TV channels want to make the higher viewing rates TV shows to get higher profits from the advertisements.

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