Arnold Schwarzenegger

  Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger has struggled with what he committed. His wife, Maria Shriver, left him because Arnold had an affair with a member of household staff. He also  admitted that he had a child who were born between him and the household staff.

Actually, he was a successful actor, politician, and father. Personally, I really like this guy. I have watched all his movies since I was young. In the movies, he was always real hero and buff guy who beat the evils and saved the weak by himself. His smile made everyone happy. As a his fan, I don’t believe that he did this kind of immoral thing. He should have been more careful because he is a celebrity. Whether he wanted or not, his clean and good image damaged. It will take long time to recover his reputation. I read the article that all his movie schedules stopped. Yes, I think he needs time to stop everything and concentrate on his family again! I hope he will be back to us!

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