Saving Oil, Riding a Bike

Do you have a bike? I have one. Actually, when I was in Korea, I did not have a bike because the transportations were really convenient. It is, however, not easy to live in LA without a car. Even though it is difficult to live without a car, if you cannot afford to have a car, you should find out the alternatives, especially when the oil price skyrockets, like thesedays. My alternative is a bike which is good for saving money and exercising.

There are several advantages of riding a bike. First, you can use it for making your body healthy. It is difficult to spare your time to exercise during the week because you are always busy. Besides, You are chased by many works and under pressure everyday. Commuting by riding a bike helps to make you healthy physically and mentally. Of course, there is no traffic in anytime. Secondly, you can save your money. Now, the oil prices stay at the $4 and it does not seem to go down. As you know, a bike does not need fuel, but only your legs. In addition, the price of a bike is much cheaper, camparing to that of car. Lastly, you can save the Earth. Using a car has destroyed the Earth by exhausting gas.  Therefore, I strongly recommand to ride a bike.

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