Judgement Day

 Last week, people wondered the judgment day would come. I could see many of the signs in everywhere. “The End of the World, October 21th 2011, Bible guarantees it.” Many people doubted that the bible really guaranteed it or not. Most people did not believe them but if this “Judgement day” is guarnateed by Bible, they could not ignore it. As a Christian, I did not believe it because the bible said “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.”(Mattew 24:36) Therefore, no one could say that when the exact time of the judgement day is. Then, why do the people make this kind of false religions? I think, first of all, natural disasters and economic crisis make people anxious about their lives. For example, a lot of earthquakes and Tshunami occurs in everywhere and most people struggle with economic problem. They want freedom and salvation from somewhere else, not from their own efforts. This is the reason why they interpret the Bible incorrectly and excuse that they give up their harsh lives because of God’s words. How stupid… and God will punished them because they led numerous people to wrong way. Secondly, some people use this to make a profits. Of course, most people do not believe it but it is not deniable that sales of provision are sold a lot. Some people use this kind of false alarm marketing so that they would make huge profits.

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