Four Spiritual Laws

I belong to Christian Ministry which is called KCCC(Korea Campus Crusade for Christ) in SMC. We have bible study, prayer meeting and chapel on  every Thursday. We often go out and share Gospel with many students, especially Korean international students. When we share Gospel, we usually use this small booklet which is called “Four Spiritual Laws.” This booklet talks about Spiritual principles and how to accept Jesus Christ. I want to introduce it briefly, today. Just as there are physical laws that govern the physical universe, so are there spiritual laws that govern our relationship with God.

Law 1. God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life.

Law 2. Man is sinful and separated from God. Therefore, he cannot know and experience God’s love and plan for his life.

Law 3. Jesus Christ is God’s only provision for man’s sin. Through Him you can know and experience God’s love and plan for your life.

Law4. We must individually receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; then we can know and experince God’s love and plan for our lives.

These messages really touched my heart. Now I believe that God so love me and have a great plan for my life. Even though my circumstances and situations are still not good, I know these hardships make me strong. I realized my attitude toward my life changed a lot. My sarrow and anxiety turned into joy.  I strongly recommand you to read this small booklet so that your life will be better!

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Privacy Concerns of Smartphone

                    It is deniable that smartphone makes our lives convenient in many ways. Smartphone is used not only to contact others but also to receive, process, store, and send information. In addition, there are thousands of applications which help us solve out the problems anywhere and anytime.

                   Even though the smartphone makes our lives better, the privacy concerns exist. The security threat may be more extensive as smartphone users increasingly resort to the gadget to handle their everyday affairs including e-mails, Internet browsing, TV watching, stock trading and financial transactions. Of course, if you lost your samartphone or someone got your smartphone for hacking intentionally, your private information would not safe. The worse case is that you do not notice someone stole your private information already.

The most common privacy concern of the smartphone is flowing out the information through applications, malwares(malicious software), hacking, and phishing. For example, in South Korea, the risk was highlighted in April, when the first malignant code was founded in smartphones used to snatch the users’ financial information. Experts said poor security systems provided by banks to simplify the banking process made the hacking possible.

Some people said that customers do not worry about it as long as they stay cautious in downloading files, however it cannot work out only by customers’ efforts. The users should keep away from suspicious files and the smartphone company should try to make more safe security system and censor system to find out malwares.

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Audition TV shows Boom in Korea!

       As you know, one of the most famous audition TV shows is “American Idols.” It is still not only the No.1 TV program in the U.S. but also loved by people all around the world. Even though it was also famous in Korea, the major TV channel producers did not try to make the Korean Version of “American Idols.” It was because they did not want to be denounced of making copycat of “American Idols.” A couple of years later, one of minor cable channels tried to make “Audition” TV show which was called “SuperStar K.” People doubte that it would succeed. The result was not bad, a nice try. Last year, the season 2 came out and it made a unprecedented success in the record. At that time, “SuperStar K2” was the top-rated TV program and the cable channel earned a lot of money. The many participants who were in “Top 10” became singers.

                                  Recently, in South Korea, many “Audition” TV programs have come out. I think it is because TV viewers want real TV shows, not fictions. They want to watch and hear the story of successful people who accomplished their goals, despite of their poor circumstances. In addition, audition TV show gives a chance to everyone, even a foreinger who wants to accomplish their goals. Whoever wants to be a superstar can join the contest. It is, however. not easy to accomplish their goals because of the high criteria. Sometimes, the judges are so mean to the participants and the missions are so difficult. Many people struggle and strive to achieve their goals. TV viewers can watch every moments so that they cannot take off their eyes of it.  Lastly, audition TV shows become variety, not just singers but announcers and cooks. Now, audition TV shows boom in Korea!

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2011 Disaster in Japan

      Last Friday, afternoon, Japan was hit by the tremendous disaster. The first disaster started with ferocious tsunami which was spawned by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in the east coast. When I heard about the news, I did not take it serious because an earthquake is not big issue in Japan. Not only that, Japan always prepares for an earthquake well and people have regular drills for it. Therefore I thought that the damage of the tsunami would be minimum. In addition, the Japanese Government announced that the victims of the tsunami were just over the hundred. I believed that my guess was exactly correct until the next news which was really shocking came out. A couple of days later, the Japan recognized that more than 1000 people were dead and more than 10,000 people were missing. The worse news was the nuclear power plants were melt down and the radioactive substances were exposed to some people who lived near the area. They are still striving to cool down the rest of nuclear power plants which have a chance to explode.

                  The interesting thing I found was that people all around the world are not worried about Japan as much as Indonesia or Haiti which had been serious damages from the earthquake. People believe that Japan is albe to  handle and overcome this disaster because Japan is one of the strongest economic countries and Japanese are known for having a strong mentality. It is true, however, we should help Japan with a whole heart. As a student, we can donate a little money to NGOs which help Japan directly or hold a donation campaign in the campus or comfort Japanese friends. As Japanese showed their concerns to other countries which had gone through many disasters, we should help and aid them right now!

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My Jazz world


 In this spring semester, I am taking Music33, Jazz class. The students who are taking this class should go to Jazz concerts which are held at Santa Monica College, at least 4 times. Even though the cost of the Jazz concerts is not cheap, experiencing the new genre of music is always exciting. Last week, I went to the Bob Sheppard’s Jazz concert which was held at the Performing Art Center. It was my first time to go to Jazz concert. Actually, I was not interested in Jazz music and I did not have opportunites to listen Jazz music. I have a bias against Jass, however Jazz is not heavy as much as I thought, rather  it is simple and easy. The Jazz music of the concert was like Jazz bar music that we can hear in the movie or drama.

            I believe that music is also a media. Every music has message which the writer wants to tell us about. The musicians try to deliver their messages through direct or indirect ways. If the message is explicit like lyric, people are able to understand what the writer wants to say.  However, even though the message is not clear, you could find out soon by the mood of the song. Of course, Jazz also has messege which is related with the history. As you know, Jazz music originated from black people. At first, most black people who lived in America were slaves. They needed a worksong because Africans usually sang a worksong to work efficiently. They also made Jazz music because they were disappointed  with their   reality, like Blues.  If you listen Jazz carefully, you could fell the black people’s emotion at that time. I should go to Jazz concert tonight, again! I expect that what kind of messages are waiting for me, tonight! Through out the whole semester, Jazz will give me the messages which help me understand the story at that time.

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iPad2, Why not Korea?

                            Finally, on March 3rd, iPad2 unveiled by Steve Jobs who has gone through an illness. iPad2 becomes mroe thinner and lighter. According to the preview, it has Dual-Core A5 chip which improves the working speeds as tiwce much as fast. Not only that, now we play games and watch the video with graphics which is 9 times better than iPad.

                              There are several more upgrades but I do not think that those are creative. iPad2 should have been more revolutionary. It is obvious that inner upgrades are successful, however, I doubt 2011 will be ‘the year of iPad2’ as Steve Jobs said. 

                        iPad2 will be sold in many countries, however, South Korea lose an opportunity to buy it, again. Apple includes only one Asian country, Japan but not Korea. Why Steve do not sell iPad2 to Korea? I saw the article about it on the internet. Two main reasons are dollar exchange rates and Apple’s refurbish (A/S) systems. In Korea, the customer should pay a lot of money when the ipone is out of order because of Apple’s after service. Apple Korea do not try to fix it, rather they give the customer the refurbish one and require to pay a lot. This discontents not only the customers but also Korea  Telecommunication Comapanies. Because of the way of Apple’s greedy after service, Korea Telecom Companies are relunctant to have a deal to release iPad2. I know that Apple is one of the most powerful companies in the world, but if they are only interested in selling products and do not pay attention to their customers,  2011 will not be ‘the year of iPad2.’

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Dream High!

                      I enjoy watching Korean TV show. “Dream high” is one of my favorite TV shows which is still on air. The story is about the high school students who have a dream to be a superstar. To be a superstar, they should do well in singing, dancing, composing and having good appearance. They compete with one another to debut. They strive to survive in this competition. Somtimes, their friendship is broken but they finally start to understand and encourage each other. They feel not only their dreams but also their friendship and family love are important.

                       The interesting point is that the actors and actresses of the show are real famous Korea superstars. The drama looks more real because the actors do not just act but perform their true life.  It helps the viewers understand how the superstar is made and what  thier lives are. Most people are inclined to look at just superstar’s gorgeous lives however we can see the other side by this TV show. Also, the real popular musician and opera singer show up, as a  cameo. This makes the show really cool.

                      The reason why I like this show is that this show gives people some messages. First, “Dream high” encourages people not to give up their dream and make an effort to accomplish it. In addition, it tells us that family and friendship are precious as much as their dream.  Secondly, “Dream high” is connected with social context. TV shows always treat the most interesting issue today. I realize that many young people are eager to ba a superstar, especially Asian people.

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